Saturday, June 6, 2009

Filling up my store again

One of the things I am working on to get back into jewelry full time is getting my Etsy store full again. I haven't had too much time for promoting and I let almost all of my listings expire. Since I only did a handful of shows last year and spent most of last year focused on Owain, his surgeries and appointment, I still have about 80% of the jewelry I made last year. So I have re-listed lots of them.

The super exciting news is that my new studio in our addition has been wired and it looks like we will be able to get the electrical inspector out here within a few weeks to approve everything. My husband Will, still has a bit more wiring to do, but it looks like it will be done either this weekend or next!

I am trying so hard to keep my studio/office area organized and not let it get out of control again, but the space is so small that within a blink of an eye it is cluttered again.

The only new pieces that I have been working on lately have been working on a few different ideas for Heart Defect pendants. I still don't have the perfect design that I am looking for, but I think I am getting closer! This is the most exciting thing I am working right now and I can't wait until I get the final design.

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